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Smart Men Love High End Polish Place Settings Too

Smart Men Love High End Polish Place Settings Too

You might be surprised to learn that men (especially the smart ones) love our high end Polish place settings every bit as much as our female customers. Perhaps it’s because it’s very artistic and beautiful, but also feels sturdy and strong in their hands. Perhaps they've figured out "Happy Wife = Happy Life" and realize it's money well spent.


Recently we’ve had a rash of men purchasing large quantities of Polish pottery for their wives as gifts. We seem to have a knack for getting into cahoots with these men working to surprise their wives. Their stories are fun so we thought you would enjoy hearing a few of their tales.

A man and his wife were traveling and saw our billboard on I-44. He told her "We should stop there." She agreed and they followed Google Maps to our shop. Neither of them were familiar with Polish stoneware, but once they walked into our store they were in love.


They made some purchases while they were here, but the next day we received an email from the husband letting us know that he would be ordering more, but it was a secret. He called and ordered some plates and went so far as paying for them with a money order so his wife wouldn’t know what he’s up to. We've even been instructed to ship the pottery to their daughter's address so his wife will be completely surprised when she gets her present.


Another husband purchased six place settings for his wife with his annual bonus money. He usually spends his bonus on his bass boat or another of his “guy” hobbies. So you can only imagine how thrilled his wife was when he brought home this wonderful gift.


He even sacrificed some of his beer stein collection to make room in the kitchen cabinets for their new pottery. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before his wife realizes Polish pottery is so durable and practical that she will clear out everything else and use her Polish stoneware every day. Sacrificing boat money and beer steins – he must love her a lot! 


Finally, there is the story of another husband who was here from out of state on a business trip and found out about us from our billboard in the airport. He told us his wife has admired Polish Pottery at Costco, but that she didn’t have any.


A few weeks later, we shipped two large boxes of Polish pottery to them in Salt Lake City just before Easter. Their “starter set” was 12 Unikat dinner plates by Ceramika Artystyczna, two nesting serving bowls by Manufaktura, a stunning platter made by Kalich, and a simple, yet elegant pie plate from C.A. When these boxes arrived it was a total surprise to his wife. We would have loved to see the look on her face as those boxes were unwrapped. 


If you're a man who enjoys Polish Pottery yourself or if you have a wife that loves Polish stoneware and you need to earn a few brownie points, then we invite you to visit our store so we can show you something that you'll both love.


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