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We welcome your questions and comments about our Polish stoneware on The Polish Pottery Shoppe website. We make every effort to respond within one business day.

2802 East Battlefield Road
Springfield Missouri 65804
Half-a-Hill Center at Battlefield and Lone Pine

Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday by Appointment


1 How do you ship?
1.1 What method of shipping do you use?

We ship either U.S. Postal Service or FedEx, whichever is the most cost efficient option

1.2 How do you determine shipping charges?

Our website calculates shipping charges based on package size and weight and where you live.  Since we are shipping pottery our packing requires special packaging.  Our website is not always accurate in determining shipping charges.  Once we pack your order and determine the accurate shipping charges, we refund any excessing shipping amounts that you are charged. 

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