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Serve Your Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie In Our Best Selling Polish Pottery Pie Plates

Serve Your Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie In Our Best Selling Polish Pottery Pie Plates

Most of us look forward to Thanksgiving for many reasons, but at the top of the list has to be because it’s time for pie. We love sweet desserts and savory turkey pot pies made with leftovers. Whether you're making pies just for your family or for a big crowd, once the calendar turns to November, it's time to start  making plans to either host Thanksgiving dinner or attend a family gathering for Turkey Day.


If you are planning on bringing a pie for Thanksgiving, then consider the benefits of serving it in one of our best selling Polish Pottery pie plates. 


For starters, we want to remind you how wonderful it is to bake with Polish Stoneware. The pottery bakes evenly, doesn’t scorch or burn easily, and cleans up like a dream. If you have ever baked a pie in Polish Pottery, you know that it serves up very nicely. The pie doesn’t stick, so there are no disasters when it comes to cutting and serving.


When customers come into our shop looking for a pie plate, they often ask about size. That’s the million-dollar question. Remember Polish Pottery is made in Europe. The sizes are not the standard 9” or 10” pie plate. The fun thing about baking a pie in Polish Pottery is that there are so many different shapes to chose from.


Traditional Pie Plate


We all know what this shape looks like, and they are available in glass, metal, or pottery. The best thing about using a pie plate made of Polish Stoneware is the array of designs to select from. Ours measure 9 ¾”, are 2” deep, and hold about five cups. From traditional to Unikats, they’re all beautiful. Maybe you have several and must make a choice about which one to use. Good luck!

Ruffled Pie Bakers 


The ruffled pie bakers we sell are made by Manufaktura Polish Pottery. They are available in two sizes: The Ruffled Baker 32s are 12 ½” in diameter, 2 ¼” deep and hold nine cups. Ruffled Bakers 27s are 10 ¾” in diameter, 2 ¼” deep and hold seven cups. The wonderful thing about ruffle bakers is that they don’t have handles.


Since it doesn’t look like a pie plate, you are more likely to use it for other dishes too. Use it to bake pies, quiche, or something like a potato or green bean casserole. The larger ruffled bakers are perfect for a big crowd, or for rolls you find in the frozen section of the grocery store that you let rise and bake in your own oven. YUM!


Fluted Pie Bakers


These are very similar to the ruffled bakers but are slightly deeper and more delicate. The ones we carry are made by Ceramika Artystyczna. We love them! They are available in many different designs. They hold slightly less than the traditional pie plate, measuring 10 ¼” in diameter, 2” deep and hold five cups. We carry these although they aren’t on our website at the time we're writing this blog post. If you’d like to see what we have, give us a call and we will be happy to text you pictures.


Round Baker with Handles


This shape has a different name but looks like a traditional pie plate. Some have handles just like traditional pie plates. The ones that we have are made by Kalich and measure 10 ¼”and 2 ¼” deep making them slightly larger than our pie plates. If you are looking for a deep-dish pie dish, this might be your answer.


Another style of round bakers has handles shaped like loops. This style is also available in small versions. The smaller round bakers with handles are great for one-serving casseroles.


Those of us that are invited to someone’s home for Thanksgiving usually offer to bring a dish to the gathering. If you want to give your dish that extra touch, then you'll need to bring it in Polish Pottery. It looks better, it even seems to taste better and clean up is easier than you might think.


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