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Best Polish Pottery Selection - The Polish Pretzel Box

Best Polish Pottery Selection - The Polish Pretzel Box

Our large Polish Pottery pretzel box is the perfect size for traditional soft pretzels. We also carry petite ornamental pretzel boxes for your small treasures.


Pretzels have a long and rich history in Europe. Legends say an Italian monk baked strips of dough that he folded into a shape resembling a child crossing arms in prayer. He called these baked treats “pretiolas” (little rewards). He gave the “pretiolas” to the children of the church.


The earliest recorded history of pretzels dates from the 12th century in Germany. By 1440 pretzels had grown in popularity and were considered a sign of spiritual wholeness. Within the Christian church, the pretzel had religious significance for its shape. The pretzel knot has been claimed to represent hands in prayer with the three holes in the pretzel symbolizing the Holy Trinity.


The holes in pretzels allowed pretzel street vendors to carry their wares on a stick. We do not carry Polish Pottery sticks for your pretzels, but we have some lovely Polish Pottery bowls and trays for serving.

Pretzels are baked in a variety of ways in Europe with each region having its own unique pretzel. The soft pretzel is baked and sold on the same day. Often, they are sold sliced horizontally and buttered (Yum!) or served with cold meats.


German pretzels came to America in the late 18th century when German immigrants settled in Pennsylvania. These German people became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. Many pretzel bakeries dotted the countryside of Pennsylvania while pretzel popularity grew. Later, hard pretzels were developed during 1861 in Pennsylvania. Their creation happened to make storage and shipping easier.


Today, pretzels are a popular snack in the United States. Try serving your chocolate covered pretzels on one of our beautiful Polish Pottery platters by Manufactura or Kalich.


Soft pretzels are often served with cheese dips or mustard. We carry a wide variety of Polish Pottery trays and small serving bowls to help you set a beautiful table whether a special holiday dinner or entertaining a small gathering of friends.


As the holidays approach, remember the pretzel and come to see our best Polish Pottery selection of pretzel boxes.



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