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Ceramic Pie Birds - Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery

Ceramic Pie Birds - Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery

Our owner, Cindy, was recently talking on the phone with a friend and learned that this fall (2018) there is a Pie Bird collector’s convention. There are conventions for just about everything under the sun. Coincidentally, the convention is in nearby Branson, Missouri, only 30 miles from The Polish Pottery Shoppe.


Many of customers have asked us “what is a Pie Bird?”


A Pie Bird is a usually little bird that goes in pies, though they are sometimes made in a variety of different forms. This includes things such as elephants, dragons, penguins, pigs, seals, and even people.


Most Pie Birds are two to three inches tall and are hollow inside. The Pie Bird is placed inside a pie plate on top of the bottom pie crust. Then the pie filling is added, whether it is a fruit pie like cherry or apple, or a savory pie like a turkey pot pie. Then, if there is a top crust, a slit is cut in the center so that the Pie Bird can slide through and be visible on top of the pie.


The purpose of the pie bird is to allow steam and juices from the pie to escape without resulting in a bubbled crust, or a messy oven. When juices, from an apple pie, let’s say, come up through the Pie Bird, they will drizzle down the pie bird and end up back in the pie rather than bubbling over into the oven.


Let’s not forget another important purpose of a Pie Bird. It is a very decorative and a cute conversation piece.


Of course, they are made of many things, but also Polish Pottery. We have a beautiful Polish Pottery selection of pie birds available here at The Polish Pottery Shoppe, including options such as Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery.


Also, because our store is located so close to the upcoming National Pie Bird Convention, we are planning to attend and sell our Pie Birds. The convention, or reunion, as they are calling it, is September 14th and 15th, 2018. If you would like to attend, go to Facebook and look for a page called Pie Bird Collectors. You will find more details there. But hurry, the deadline to sign up is August 1st.


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