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Pass the Salt Around Your Polish Pottery Dinnerware

Pass the Salt Around Your Polish Pottery Dinnerware

“Pass the salt please” is a phrase that can be heard at many tables all over the world. Some of the idioms we have all heard about salt are “the salt of the earth,” “any man worth his salt,” or “rubbing salt in a wound.” Chefs we view on cooking shows sometimes throw salt over their shoulder for good luck and we've heard spilling salt is bad luck.


But, have you ever wondered about the real importance of salt in our cultures?


Salt is pivotal to civilization. Historians believe that the ancient town of Solnitsata, located in present-day Bulgaria, was the first city in Europe. The name Solnitsata translates to “salt works.” Poland, to Bulgaria’s north, has a history with salt mines as well.


In southern Poland, lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine. In the 13th century, rock salt was discovered there and the first shafts were dug. In the mine, the “Saltworks Castle” was built and used from medieval times until 1945. In 1978 the Saltworks Castle was on the original UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The mine is open today for tours with its attractions of salt statues and four chapels carved from rock salt.


Salt has been important to society for its use in flavoring and preserving food. History tells us it was such a valuable commodity it was traded for gold by Moorish and African traders. Slabs of salt were used as currency - hence the word “salary” from the Latin word for salt. Wars have been fought over salt. One factor in the French Revolution was the people’s displeasure over an oppressive tax on salt.


Here at the Polish Pottery Shoppe, we believe our customers are the “salt of the earth” and our customers love our new Polish Pottery salt pigs. The Polish Pottery salt pigs are indeed in the shape of a pig, but the word “pig” also translates to mean earthenware vessel in a Scottish dialect. These little vessels could double as a fun bowl for a child’s cereal or soup, or be used as a small candy dish, say for jelly beans as Eastertime.


Our darling salt pigs are available with a salt spoon and are perfect for your stovetop. And of course, don’t forget our whimsical man and women salt and pepper shakers. We carry Polish Pottery salt and pepper sets with a tray and salt and pepper egg puzzles.


As the holidays approach, dress up your kitchen with Polish Pottery accessories, pass the salt around your Polish Pottery dinnerware and enjoy the season!


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