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How Do I Love Thee Polish Pottery - Polish Pottery Shoppe

How Do I Love Thee Polish Pottery - Polish Pottery Shoppe

Dear Polish Pottery, we love you!        


You are so good to us and give us endless love and joy. On this day of universal love and friendship, will you be our Valentine? 


How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.


Each and every day you are the first to greet us with our morning cup of coffee. You put a smile on our faces and always put us in a happy mood to start our day. Our hands cradle perfectly around your bubble mugs and are warmed with what feels a little hug, especially during chilly mid-February mornings like today. You are so charming!


When we invite friends for tea, your Polish Pottery teapot and warmer gives our table a beautiful and unique style. Our guests are amazed at your many shapes, patterns, and colors. You are often the center of our conversations. Oh Polish Pottery, we are in awe of you!  


You are always there waiting for us at the office. You lovingly hold our paperclips in a scalloped dish and keep our mail organized in your napkin holder, waiting for us. You watch over our most important papers in a flat rectangular dish where we know they will always be. You even keep our pens and pencils together in a Polish Pottery mug right at our fingertips. You melt our hearts! 


We love for you to accompany us when we take food to church, bring-a-dish events and when we bring meals to friends in need of some TLC. You always look so bright, pretty and colorful. People fall in love with you everywhere we go.


Your pies are the best. Knowing how perfectly you bake them and what beauty you add, we will always be faithful. No other baking dishes can compare. Polish Pottery, we have a recipe for love. You're our sweetie pie! 


When we are together, our friends, family, neighbors and even perfect strangers always admire you so. They ask about you and where you came from. We tell them about our love story and many years together. Of course, they can have you for themselves by visiting a Polish Pottery outlet such as The Polish Pottery Shoppe!


Oh Polish Pottery, we will always be together. Forever be ours!    


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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