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Cindy's Visit To Poland - Hand Painted Polish Pottery Bowl

Cindy's Visit To Poland - Hand Painted Polish Pottery Bowl

Visiting Boleslawiec, Poland where Polish Pottery continues to be produced is exciting and fun. Cindy's first visit was in the Spring of 2016. Here is the story of her visit to one Polish Pottery factory.


Cindy and her traveling companion Christine landed in Dresden, Germany and then took a train to Boleslawiec. There they picked up a rental car which turned out to be quite interesting since the people who met them at the train station with the car didn’t speak English, though they were assured ahead of time that they did. Thank goodness for translation apps on their phones.


Zloty is the currency in Poland and they didn’t have any of those either so they had to be driven to the ATM to get cash. Of course, the ATM was in Polish.


They eventually got their car and made their way (in spite of the road signs in Polish) to the Blue Beetroot Inn. Thank goodness they spoke English there! The manager, Jarek, was a wonderful resource in the way of maps, directions, and recommendations of places to see.


Prior to their trip, Cindy had contacted several Polish Pottery factories to make appointments. Their first stop was at Ceramika Millena Polish Pottery. There, they met the owner, Dariusz, who gave them a tour of his business.


Our owner Cindy was able to watch the artist paint the hand painted Polish Pottery bowl and see firsthand how their kiln works. They have a shelf system where the pottery is stacked. It’s on tracks similar to train tracks so when it’s ready the shelf is rolled on the tracks into the kiln where the doors shut and the firing takes place.


Once it’s cooled down, the doors open and it’s rolled out, the pottery is removed and another batch is loaded up.


Millena has beautiful patterns and a lovely shop that is attached to the factory. Cindy asked Dariusz about ordering from him. He explained that he was producing as much pottery as his factory could at that time and didn’t have the capacity to supply another customer.


He told them that a market for Polish Pottery has developed in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Taiwan in the past few years. He ships to them every month. Dariusz is considering plans to enlarge his factory, but he finds it difficult to find qualified workers. So this is just a small example of the challenges any Polish Pottery retailer faces – finding enough quality supply of this beautiful Polish stoneware. 


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