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Cheese Spread Recipe for a Cheese Lady - Top Selling Polish Dinnerware

Cheese Spread Recipe for a Cheese Lady - Top Selling Polish Dinnerware

At our shop, you will find a handful of classic Polish Pottery shapes that we call “Folk Art” pieces such as Butter Bells, the Man & Woman Salt & Pepper Sets, and our Santa, or St. Nicholas Cookie Jars. One of our favorites is the classic Cheese Lady. Her cheerful expression will brighten any table or buffet.  Polish Pottery Cheese Ladies have been used for many years for storing and serving cheeses and butter (much like a cheese dome). The large size Polish Pottery Cheese lady is also used as a pancake server - a warm place to keep your pancakes before serving.


Cheese Ladies can be accessorized with our Polish Pottery spreaders, spoons, and small scalloped bowls. Your guests can fill their plates and bowls with delicious Polish Cheese.


Poland is the sixth largest cheese producer in the world. The history of cheese making in Poland goes back to 5500 B.C. when a mozzarella-like cheese was produced in Neolithic times in north-central Poland. Even today some Polish cheeses are considered a national craft. The European Union recognizes and protects these specialty cheeses.


Polish Farmer’s Cheese, called Twarog, is a fresh, acid set, semi soft cheese with a curdled texture.  These properties made this cheese ideal for appetizers and beautiful on one of our Polish Pottery Chip and Dip trays. Twarog cheese is also used in pierogis and gives the pierogi a unique taste.


We are sharing a recipe using farmers cheese as a spread. Delicious! Serve it along with a hard cheese in a lovely Cheese Lady at an upcoming holiday gathering. Remember to use your Polish Pottery oval trays and square plates for appetizer plates. Other top selling Polish dinnerware serving pieces are sure to make a beautiful table.  


Farmers Cheese Spread Recipe


½ pound farmers cheese

2 tablespoons sour cream

4-5 green onions

¼ teaspoon salt

8 chopped radishes

½ yellow onion chopped

2-3 cloves garlic chopped

Fresh pepper to taste

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

½” teaspoon basil

½” oregano

½” teaspoon of thyme

  1. Chop green onion and add salt. Stir and let sit (10 minutes) while you prepare the rest
  2. Mix all ingredients in bowl. If too thick, add sour cream to get a creamier texture.
  3. Test for flavor


Spread over toasted bread and garnish with parsley



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