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Check Out Our Wide Variety of Polish Pottery Pitchers

Check Out Our Wide Variety of Polish Pottery Pitchers

Did you know that word "pitcher" comes from Middle English word "picher" meaning earthen jug? Made of clay from Boleslawiec, Poland, we have a wide variety of Polish Pottery pitchers at the Polish Pottery Shoppe from you to choose from.

From small Polish Pottery Pitchers that function as creamers to large pitchers made for serving beverages, The Polish Pottery Shoppe’s selection will fit each of your beverage needs. And we have found numerous other uses for them.

Currently, our largest in-stock pitcher is Manufaktura’s 2 Liter Farm Pitcher. A 3-liter pitcher is also available and we are happy to special order one just for you. If you’re not using your Manufaktura Farm Pitcher for iced tea or another of your favorite drinks at the moment, why not use it to show off a bouquet of flowers?


It will easily hold quite a few blooms and freshen your décor while complementing your kitchen or dining room. As your bouquet dwindles, size down to the 1.5 liter, then to one of our pretty creamers. You'll always have the right sized Polish stoneware to showcase your floral arrangements. 


In the WR Ceramika line, we have the Large and Small Belly Pitchers, and their Pitcher for Wine. Both of these are also suitable for floral arrangements. And don’t forget about their Vintage Creamers. Adorable by themselves, they are so pretty with a few blooms in them in your kitchen window or on your bedside table.


Mini Creamers (often used to hold toothpicks) are perfect for those little garden flowers your kiddos love to surprise you with.


We also love the idea of using large pitchers as a utensil holder. We suggest two sizes: the larger pitcher for a spatula, spaghetti spoon, slotted spoon and the like. The smaller pitcher could hold a melon baller, small whisk, basting brush, etc. You’ll not only be organized but look like a true chef with all those utensils on display.


Shorter pitchers are perfect for keeping daily-used knives, forks and spoons on the dining or kitchen table. Along with Polish Stoneware salt and pepper shakers and a napkin holder, your table is always halfway set to serve a meal or grab a snack.


Need some help deciding on the perfect styles and designs for your Polish Pottery needs? We will be happy to be your personal shopper. After all, we know what we have in stock better than anyone. Give us a call at 417-720-4447 or drop us an email and we will happily send you some recommendations to pick from.


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