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The Best Polish Pottery Selection and Service Helped With a Husband's Surprise

The Best Polish Pottery Selection and Service Helped With a Husband's Surprise

Several months ago, a customer began purchasing pottery from us. Initially, he and his wife had stopped in the shop while traveling. His wife enjoyed all the beautiful colors and patterns and they made a purchase of several items. Their love for Polish Pottery began.


The customer was always looking for gifts to buy for his wife and decided to begin collecting Polish Stoneware such as Zaklady on the sly.  He didn’t want his wife to know he was building this stash of pottery, because he was saving it for a big surprise at Christmas.


Here’s how it worked: He shopped on our website full of the best Polish Pottery selection and then emailed us his list. It always included a variety of patterns and shapes, such as dinner plates, bowls, napkin holders, and other pieces. We emailed back the total costs including shipping. He then sent the Polish Pottery Shoppe a cashier’s check. This way his wife wouldn’t see the charge on their credit card, or a check from their account. Then, he had us ship the pottery to his sister. He thought of everything. 


As this continued over time, it occurred to us that we might be able to save him some shipping charges by personally deliver this pottery. Now don’t get your hopes up, we don’t do this often, but we like to help my customers when we can. 


Our owner’s family meets nearly every year in a small town in the West. The matriarch of her family, her wonderful grandmother, lives there and her family gathers together to see her. This year she reached her 100th Birthday. As you can imagine, her whole family will be there to help her celebrate this special occasion. This small town just happens to be in the same state, and very close to our customer’s sister where we have been shipping pottery.


After realizing this, the next time our customer sent an order, our owner inquired about delivering this summer instead of shipping.  Of course, he was happy to spend more money on pottery and less on shipping. Every time we get an order, we have been holding on to his stash. Now, this week when our owner sets out for her trip West, all the pottery we have been storing for this customer is coming too. Our owner has arranged to meet up with his sister and will deliver to her Saturday night. The rest is up to him on keeping the surprise.


It must be said that we loved being a part of this “conspiracy” as our customer put it. This type of thing happens quite a bit – husbands, family, and friends sneaking around and surprising their loved one with Polish Pottery.  We are always willing to be part of the plot. Just remember what happens in the Polish Pottery Shoppe stays in the Polish Pottery Shoppe.



  1. Michael Miller Michael Miller

    The cat is out of the bag. I decided on Christmas in July. I'm waiting for my wife to appear so I can play the Hot and Cold game with her. I told her yesterday that I had a surprise for her (no specifics and that drove her nuts).

    The Browns were visiting their daughter in Cedar City and I picked up the package at 5am. Arranged to have them leave the box on the front porch where I picked it up. Left the flower pot as a thank you for their part in this scheme of mine.

    The items look better than I had hoped for.

    We'll pick up the items you shipped to my daughter next week.

    I imagine you'll be hearing from my wife before the year is out.

    Thanks again,

    PS Liked the story you posted on FB.

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